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:dalove: Welcome to Neo-Org, Organization XIII Original Characters Group!

If you want to join, DO NOT RUSH!

:star: Please read the "Important Rules" and "How to Join" or you will miss important information and sadly be declined!

If you are already part of the club and you leave without any notification or explanation as to why, you will be removed from the member list.


:iconnobodyplz: :iconnobodyplz: :iconnobodyplz: :iconnobodyplz:

REMINDER: Thank you so much to everyone who has elected to participate! We are very excited to see what items you will acquire to contribute to our cause. Please keep in mind that your entries are due in just 4 DAYS on AUGUST 21st. Good luck!~


It all started on August 21, 2009. The castle moved with life and our great organization was born. Through the last 5 years, our beloved castle has sheltered us and provided us with safety. Though lately the halls have been empty and it is only once in a great while that any of us come around. With the recent lack of life, our castle has fallen into disarray and its defenses are in desperate need of being repowered. It is time for us to come together once more to restore our home to its former glory. A simple mission, should we all pitch in and work together. All that we need to do is visit other worlds to collect items of power. These items will be things of great significance; things that are held as a symbol of the world they come from; things that mean a great deal to the people. (For example, the Sultan's hat or the palace guard's sword from Agrabah). We will present these objects to the castle as gifts on August 21st so that the power they contain may be used to re-energize our defenses and bring us all together for another 5 successful years.


Participants will receive: 50 EXP
Deadline: AUGUST 21st

So here's how this is going to work:
:bulletgreen: The first thing is sign-ups. We need to know who wants to participate. We're giving you over a month to sign up in order to give everyone time to see we're alive and have an event going on. Sign-ups will close on July 31st, so that even the late joining participants will have 3 weeks to finish their entries by August 21st. You may work with a partner if you please! (Please read important notes below*)

:bulletgreen: When you sign up, you will be assigned a random world from: Our Expanded World List.

:bulletgreen: After receiving your world assignment, you can work on your submission(s)~ Feel free to turn them in as soon as they're done ^^

A few important notes:
:bulletblack: We will be accepting all mediums for this event, but ask that written entries are please done with proper spelling and grammar.
:bulletblack: We are perfectly happy to allow collaborations for this event!
*Please be aware that if you would like to enter with a partner, you will be assigned just one world but each nobody will have to find an item of power.
*Also note that if you sign up and then decide you would like a partner, that is perfectly fine! We can easily make this change and encourage people to work together.
*Please be aware that if you sign up with two nobodies, they will be considered as partners unless you indicate that you would like a separate world assignment for each of them.
:bulletblack: We ask that you use worldforms for these entries since it would be pretty silly to go off-worlding in your cloak.

If anything doesn't make sense, please feel free to comment or note with your questions!
We look forward to your participation~

~Xiara :blackrose:



Sign up cut-off: JULY 31st Closed!
How to sign up:
1. Send a note to the club titled: "Anniversary Sign Up"
2. In the note, include the following:
:bulletgreen:Which Nobody(ies) you are signing up with -Full name(s) please
:bulletgreen:If you will be working with a partner and who they are -Nobody name and username please
3. Your Nobody(ies) will be added to the list of participants below.


- Xrice - Atlantica
- Xenustik & Zanox - 100 Acre Woods
- Moxstr - Land of Dragons
- Doxxod & Braixer - Ratatouille (France)
- Sanahnx - Neverland
- Kuraxi & Knax - Mary Poppins
- Xiara - Tangled
- Jincaxda - Beauty and the Beast
- Kei & Kasaelox - Port Royal
- Nioxi - Pride Rock
- Daxeni - Emperor's New Groove


- Xrice: Entry
- Moxstr: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
- Nioxi: Entry
- Sanahnx: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
- Doxxod & Braixer: Page 1, Page2 , Page 3, Page 4, Page 5
- Knax & Kuraxi: Entry
- Zanox & Xenustik: Entry
- Jincaxda: Entry


We're also going to be doing a secondary event and we're very excited about it!! :heart:
We'd be thrilled if you would join us for an Anniversary party in NeoOrgChatroom where you can interact with other members, enjoy refreshments and celebrate our Organization's 5 year anniversary~

Participants will receive: 10 EXP
:bulletgreen: Please note that substantive participation is at least 3 decently sized RP posts. Out of Character ((OOC)) posts will not be counted. If none of the superiors are in the room at the time, please feel free to screencap and send the link in a note to InuyoukaiRin to receive your EXP.

When: August 22, 23 and 24
We know that people are busy with school and work so the chat event will be lasting for 3 days over a weekend in order for the most people to participate as possible.


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Recent Journal Entries


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roxas-kitax Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
What time will everyone be in the chatroom tonight? I think I can make it, though it'll be a bit dark to make the journey to campus...hmm..anyone want to meet up around 4PM Central Time? That's usually the time I go to grab dinner. >w<;
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DragonFoxStar Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Student General Artist
In chatroom most of today if anyone wants to join ^^;
DragonFoxStar Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey if anyone wants to roleplay on Skype just let me know. I'm free most of the day unless something goes on. Thanks! ^-^
roxas-kitax Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I'll try to be in the chat this week if anyone wants to role-play..or Skype me. xD; I'm hoping to get Kuraxi and Braixer's refs redone soon..and some artwork maybe. College is so busy. xD;
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